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How Actress Jesseca Logan Defines Health, Wealth & Lab Me.

Dr. Anthony Close
July 31, 2020


We are here with actress, model, & mental health advocate Jesseca Logan.



Maybe the best way to start is by saying a little about you...



My full name is Jesseca Ruth Logan and I am from Cincinnati, Ohio. I spell my name in a unique way because I was named after a man in the Bible: Jesse, the father of King David. My name means wealthy one and I have dedicated my life to living up to that interpretation. If I can bring every facet of your life an essence of wealth, I will feel as if I have accomplished my purpose on this earth.


That is interesting, so then how do you personally define wealth?


I personally define wealth as an abundant quality of life. Most think of wealth in a monetary sense or as the possession of many material assets, but I have found that the meaning of wealth is much deeper than that. For example, the antonym of the word wealth is the word privation, meaning the scarcity of conditions that are necessary for the overall wellbeing of the individual. Wealth can be thought of as a plentitude meant to permeate every aspect of a person’s life. With that being said, you can have more than just wealth in your finances, i.e. you can also have wealth in relationships, wealth in your mental and physical health, etc. Who said you can’t have it all?


Tell us about your journey and what made you end up becoming a holistic health practitioner.



Growing up, I was always very aware of my weight. I started using weight loss pills around the age of 16 because I thought I had a double chin. This led to many health complications, including a ruined metabolism. By the time I was in college I had put on almost 40 lbs, but it wasn’t until a member of my father’s church told me I was looking a little thick, that I knew I had to do something to take much better care of myself. I started a very intense workout regime and saw the inches diminish quickly. My energy  also began to diminish quickly from the nutrient deficiencies my body experienced. I determined that I not only wanted to shed weight, but I also wanted to heal my body from the inside out. This led me to obsessively researching the nutrition facts and health benefits of everything I was consuming. I decided to take things a step further by educating myself so I could not only continue creating a beneficial lifestyle for myself, but I could also bring a wealth of health to others in my community.


What advice would you give yourself at 16 knowing what you know now?


I think that the first thing I would tell my 16 year old self is to put the diet pills down! Skinny doesn’t necessarily mean beautiful or healthy. It’s simply a body type and if I want to see substantial change, I should consult a professional for the best course of action. I didn’t fully know my pre-existing conditions at the time and this created aggravating dysfunctions in my body that took years to reverse. I would tell 16 year old Jesseca that she is beautiful just the way she is in that moment and to focus on inner physical health as opposed to outer physical appearance. 



What advice would you give to other girls going through this type of experience?


I would give every girl suffering from similar insecurities comparable advice. Know your body and know your pre-existing conditions so that you refrain from participating in activities that may put you at risk. Instead of looking for the quick fix, make small lifestyle changes that will benefit you in the long run. Then focus on nurturing your intellect and your personality.  




You are involved in so many things. Modelling, singing, writing, acting... How do you see this all tying into your role as a nutritionist?


Acting is my first love. There’s nothing quite like feeling your way through a scene and embarking on a rollercoaster of emotions. I want to make my audience see themselves through me or, at the very least, see a glimpse of what they could be. A lot of acting has to do with appearance and I want to ensure that I have a healthy presence when the camera is intrusively all up in my face. Just as I have been on this journey of healing my body through holistic medicine, I want to heal my soul and allow others to do so through watching me on screen. And I want to make you feel something while doing so. I want to change the colors of your mood ring through my work.


Modelling kind of comes along with an acting career. I have to consistently take headshots and keep entertaining photos on social media to stay relevant. I am the ambassador of my brand in every photo I take so understanding wellness through a holistic approach has given me an advantage in maintaining a youthful glow that makes you want to pay attention to what I have to say. 


At the age of 7, I knew exactly who I wanted to be. Not only did I audition and receive my first lead role, I also began singing and writing furiously. I would run around the house writing songs and belting what I wrote at the top of my lungs. But because of the pressures of life and because I spent too much time trying to conform to the norms of Cincinnati, Ohio, I lost myself. Every now and then, I would get a gig writing an article for a newspaper or writing a college essay for a friend, but I never fully dove back into my passions until I began to heal my body. Throwing myself into my work as a holistic practitioner has given me a platform that allows me to reveal the wealth I would bring to the entertainment industry. And because I was able to do so, I want to share my knowledge with you through my practice so you too can get back to doing that which you truly love. 


Any tips on how you keep that glow? 🙂


Always take your vitamins and drink plenty of water. It also doesn’t hurt to take an enzyme and a pre-probiotic to aid with digestion. I’m sure you’ve heard this many times before, but the secrets to life are in the cliches!


Right now I am obsessed with Sea Buckthorn oil and Vitamin B5. Those seem to help my skin look its best. I’ve also been taking a new supplement that contains the L. rhamnosus bacteria strain.


There are 80+ studies confirming that this particular strain generates a strong immune system, helps its host manage a healthy weight, and it’s proven to clear skin of those suffering from adult acne and many other skin conditions. I think taking vitamins daily was a real game changer for me. I take so many! 


Any notable appearances?  What is your impression of Hollywood and health currently?


I’ve recently made my way back into the acting arena, so I’m in the process of accumulating more notable appearances.


You’ll see me in a few Netflix movies here and a couple of music videos there.


But I still have so much work to do and everyday I’m putting myself in the right position to get the exposure I need to really make a ripple in this industry I’ve grown to love. One of my favorite projects was a short film that highlighted the darknesses of Bipolar Disorder. I starred in Gems which was nominated for best actresses in the My RØDE Reel film festival (the largest short film competition in the world). As I said before, the goal is to bring a wealth of mental and physical health to you through my work in hopes of healing you just as I’ve healed myself. I look forward to getting roles where this will be made possible.


The actors and actresses I know who have made a substantial career for themselves are very healthy people. It inspires me to see others in my profession display self-discipline whenever it comes to what they allow into their bodies. I’ve learned so much about new supplements that will enhance my health, give me an extra boost, and that overall natural glow. It’s great for my career too! Whenever I can say that a certain celebrity recommends a certain product, my clients are more likely to follow his or her influence. What I see as far as physical health in Hollywood is phenomenal and I think that as technology evolves, it will become much easier to preserve a wealth of health. 


Whenever it comes to mental well-being, I also see a majority of the professionals I know taking extreme precautions. You must have a clear mind and an open heart to do well in this industry because cameras capture everything. If we are not meditating daily to ensure that we maintain full control of our emotions, we cannot be the kind of dynamic storytellers that capture your attention and keep it. All of my friends who have any kind of influence in major motion pictures take amazing care of their mental. I will say this, though. I want to see more films in my industry that highlight neurological functioning and how it can affect our personalities. 


Ohio is vastly different from California in many aspects including mentality.  Given the current US situation - how do you merge the two? 


Yes, California and Ohio are like night and day. Los Angeles is much more liberal and open minded than that of its midwestern counterpart, however I have learned to love my Ohioan upbringing. Growing up in Cincinnati taught me a unique set of morals that I wouldn’t have obtained if I were brought up in a major city. In Ohio, people genuinely care about each other and go out of their way to help others because we believe it is the right thing to do. I had so many friends go above and beyond for me without expecting anything in return.


My parents gave me the privilege of growing up in a community that was selfless and loving so I want to bring that genuine, nurturing spirit with me wherever I go. Moving to Los Angeles was definitely a culture shock for me, but I embraced it fearlessly! I love how my perspectives have changed from the experiences of the people I have met in this city.


Every day my beliefs are being challenged with a new idea or concept that is totally out of my comfort zone. I guess you can say that I merged the two mindsets of the Midwest and the Westcoast by learning to understand how both conservative and liberal mentalities are necessary. Because unity is what will bring substantial change to the current social and political climate our Country is enduring, I have taken on the idea that “I think I’m right, but I could be wrong.” A lot of times when you simply stop and listen to another’s truth, you’ll find that not everything is as white and black as we thought it to be. America is like a clock in which every cog and gear, though intricately different, are vital in being a high functioning society. Because of my acceptance of the different cultures that raised me, I can bring a dual approach in everything that I touch. I’m able to appeal to the better nature of those who are hurt and fighting for their rights in society while maintaining a strong sense of moral responsibility. 


When you mention Mental Health Advocate - we assume there is some backstory there.  Would you mind sharing that journey with us?


I believe that people aren’t lazy, they are depressed.


Clinical studies have shown that people are depressed because of a chemical imbalance where there is a degradation of the production of neurotransmitters, serotonin and norepinephrine. Many have taken to harmful chemical medication to try to treat depression or balance these hormones to alleviate this form of mental illness.


Unfortunately, almost half of the adults living in the United States alone will experience a mental illness of some kind. That’s 46.4% Americans you and I know experiencing some sort of neurological disorder that could absolutely affect their personality. I believe that through holistic medicine e.g., through the right nutritional diets and supplements, we can overcome depression and many other mental illnesses.


What kind of supplements have you seen the most effective?  Any cool new things you are discovering?  


I have been researching the effects of 5-hydroxytryptophan (or 5-HTP for those of you who love abbreviations). This compound is naturally formulated in our bodies from an essential amino acid called tryptophan. 5-HTP is used to boost the production of Serotonin, also known as the feel good hormone.


Serotonin is an important neurotransmitter responsible for endowing a sense of wellbeing and stabilizing the human mood. The studies I have been monitoring show promising results if 5-HTP is taken as directed. Increasing your intake of foods like collard greens, sunflower seeds, turnip, and even pumpkin have proven to be beneficial in improving one’s disposition because they contain trace amounts of tryptophan. If taken as a supplement, only ingest about 50-100 milligrams three times a day. And please, before taking anything that could affect the chemicals makeup of your brain, consult a professional who specializes in neurology. Do not exceed the daily amount prescribed or recommended by the professionals. Though I will say that with over 40 years of research, 5-hydroxytryptophan is definitely a supplement worth looking into.


Throughout my lifetime, I have encountered many different personalities.


I used to believe in good people and bad people.


That is, until I really began to study the science of human nature. In college, I fell in love with the teachings of Dr. Paul Ekman and his art of deception. He believed that the human body always tells the truth, whether it be through micro and macro-expressions or tiny body gestures.


To give you a brief explanation, he stated that there are 7 universal human emotions that our bodies innately express regardless of our awareness. When we try to conceal these emotions, they will still slip through in moments; however, there is a loophole. If you are a psychopath (or as I later discovered, a person who suffers from a personality disorder of the dark triad) you will NOT have these slip ups. Discovering this intrigued me into studying more about personality disorders. And that’s when my eyes really began to open.


Most people that you and I know aren’t bad. They are suffering from some sort of mental disorder. Even the people that are really, really evil are dealing with a neurological disorder that is out of their hands. The more I began to evaluate my peers, and even my family members, the more I began to realize that mental health is just as important, if not more important than being physically fit. I became a mental health advocate because I truly believe that mental health will solve so many of the issues we have in our world today. I mean, can you imagine an America where every human being is mentally sound?


Give us one example of what you're talking about above (e.g. microgestures).  Any other authors you recommend?


The “tells” of human emotion that appear on your face can be subcategorized as macro and micro expressions. Macro-expressions are evident emotions that can be seen for about a half of a second to four seconds while micro-expressions come on and off of the face in about a fraction of a second.


Micro-expressions are slips of concealed emotion that a person may not want another to see. It can come through in the slightest movement of the facial muscles i.e. a tiny smirk, or pressing the lips together tightly. I like to use the example of a micro-expression called “Duper’s Delight” where a duplicitous person shows delight in the deception of his or her victim.


It takes a trained professional to spot this unilateral expression, but when caught, it is a definite tell that there is some sort of foul play taking place. I like to tell people to start with and study the seven universal, human emotions: happiness, sadness, anger, surprise, fear, disgust, and contempt. When a baseline is established of how these emotions maneuver across the face, then they will be easier to catch when a person is trying to keep them hidden.


This leads me to recommend another one of my favorite authors, Desmond Morris. His book “Bodywatching: Desmond Morris Guide to Body Language” really helped me study the human body and its functions. This book helped me understand gestures and how the body moves, how human emotion affects these movements, and the subconscious effects biology has on expression. Fascinating stuff! I may go reread now.


Where do you see technology taking health from here?


I believe that as science continues to evolve, we will see technology that pushes mental wellness, along with physical health.


I would love to believe in a magic pill that would balance all hormones and supply the body with the nutrients it would need to fight off anything harmful.


I know that we are far from that type of magic, but I have heard rumors of microchip insertions and even microdosing certain plants to obliterate depression and other dysfunctions. I just hope that whatever science affords the human race will be made accessible to all. And if I’m honest, I just like to be pleasantly surprised for once.


How would you suggest people track their blood and leverage that data as power over their own health?  


I would say to take frequent visits to your local physician or even easier use Lab Me.


Stay current with professionals who are equipped with the technology to give you important information about your health.


As you stated, this data gives you the leverage necessary to take your power back and take charge over your physical wellbeing. I believe that you can elaborate better than I on how advantageous it is to be able to monitor one’s blood. I cannot wait to use your product further because I can see that you’ve made this process much more accessible and convenient to the consumer.


One last question - how will you be using lab me for yourself in the coming months?


I’m so excited because it has been an absolute joy working with you and Lab Me so I can only imagine how enjoyable it will be to use your services!


I suffer from a skin condition called rosacea which causes extreme flushing in the face, along with broken capillaries and tiny red, raised bumps. It has been a mystery in the medical world and some have deemed it to be incurable. I believe the opposite.


There have been many cases in which rosacea has been cured naturally so I have been experimenting with different holistic options. My dermatologist recently assigned me an antibiotic and a few medicated creams which I have been using for quick relief, but I understand that this only treats the symptoms.


To get to the root of the problem I am going to have to cleanse my liver.


I will be using Lab Me to monitor my blood work in my liver while using the antibiotic doxycycline. I want to see how this affects my body versus going on a liver cleanse, then subjecting myself to a liver friendly diet.


I’m a big believer that anything that can be cured medically can also be cured holistically and I want to prove this method to be true for myself with rosacea. Monitoring my blood work on this journey to cure rosacea could be the breakthrough that I need to prove myself as a practitioner.


You’ve made it much easier for me to do so with your technology. Thank you!



Jess, it's been an absolute pleasure and honor to speak with you, learn more about you and we are looking forward to watching you grow and seeing your progress with Lab Me


You are a peaceful motif in an otherwise noisy environment.  Thank you for your time, trust and love. 



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