Complete Blood Count Collection Method

How To Collect Your Complete Blood Count

Please follow the instructions.  Make sure you collect enough of your sample to ensure accurate results.



  1. Fast at least 8 hours, if you have cortisol in your test perform at 8am
  2. Ensure you are well hydrated



  1. Lay out contents of the kit on a clean surface
  2. Remove the microtainer from the plastic bag and remove the cap by twisting off
  3. Complete requisition form and sign
  4. Write first and last name on the barcode (UPC) labels at bottom of requisition form
  5. Remove 1 label, with name, and place on the microtainer vertically



  1. Soak your non-dominant hand in warm water for 1-2 minutes. Dry it well. It’s important your hands are warm
  2. Wipe the little finger of your non-dominant hand with the alcohol swab and let it dry
  3. The best place to use the lancet is on the outer center of your fingertip



  1. Twist off the lancet top. Don’t worry, you won’t see a needle.
  2. Stand up and press the lancet firmly down on your finger.
  3. Wipe away the first drop of blood with gauze provided.



  1. Massage down your hand firmly, starting from the palm all the way to the end of your finger making sure not to squeeze on the piercing
  2. Holding the punctured finger over the microtainer opening, gently apply a squeeze and relax motion until a large hanging drop of blood forms
  3. Let the blood drop fall into the microtainer
  4. Repeat until blood level passes the first line on the microtainer (marked as 250)
  5. If blood flow slows, use gauze, and firmly wipe puncture site. This wipes away natural clotting and blood flow should resume



  1. When the blood collection is complete, place cap tightly on the microtainer
  2. Invert the capped microtainer 8 times before packing
  3. Ensure everything is filled out properly and take a photo of the UPC label for your records
  4. Place the microtainer containing the sample into the plastic bottle provided
  5. Place the plastic bottle containing the microtainer into the resealable plastic bag containing the absorbent material and seal
  6. Place the completed & signed requisition form into the resealable plastic bag
  7. Place the sealed plastic bag, with sample and requisition form, into pre-paid return mailer and seal
  8. Your sample should be shipped same day it is collected

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