Blood Testing & Ordering, Simplified

A snapshot of your bloodwork isn’t enough to make serious decisions with. You need historical and accurate information over time. No waiting rooms, big needles or hassle. Start a Lab Me subscription today and start tracking whats happening on your insides.


No More Big Needles

Our simple finger prick test is convenient because you get to do it at home and test results appear on your dashboard 48 hours.


Understand Your Results

Quickly video chat with a licensed, registered MD regarding your results. Our results cut out the medical jargon and speak your language to remove the fear and uncertainty.


Personalized Advice

We don’t tell you to eat better & exercise. We use machine intelligence to spot small issues before they become big issues and personalize your individual range. Historical tracking allows your MD to make more informed clinical decisions regarding your care.

Our Subscription Packages

Understand Your Insides & Take Control

Our subscription-based packages let you build up an accurate picture of your health and track how it changes over time. See what’s happening inside your body, finally you can understand how different aspects of your lifestyle (sleep, diet, work, training) affect how your functioning on the inside.

With your subscription – you are in control. Change or cancel for free at anytime. Pick how often you want tested based on your lifestyle and needs.

Understand With A Personal Dashboard

Your secure dashboard will graph and give you deeper insights into your blood
metrics over time. See what is improving or not improving instantly and
remotely from any location using your mobile or computer.

How Lab Me Works


Get your lab me kit

Order online and choose how often you’d like a test. We’ll post your kit and it’ll be in your hands in 2 days or less.


Perform your test

Your kit contains everything you need for your simple finger-prick blood test. When you’re done, use the freepost envelope to send it back.


Results within 48 hours

Your full results will be available to access online. You can connect with a MD to discuss your results from the comfort of your own home.

Make It Personalized

Since everyone is different we allow for additional add-ons. Add or remove
extras to build a test unique to you. Whether that be PSA for men or TSH &
cortisol for women – we allow you to customize according to your own needs.
Just add to your base package.


Pick your base package

To get started, pick from one of our three base packages.


We provide recommendations

Based on your information, we are able to give better recommendations on tests you may want to add to get a clearer overall picture of your health.


Personalise your package

Pick any of your recommended add-ons. Now your test is completely unique to you. Easy as that.