About Lab Me Analytics

Lab Me Analytics inception came out of coal face clinical scenarios where doctors were too pressed for time, overworked, and understaffed. The result was an incomplete analysis of patients most valued front line diagnostic – blood work.

Lab Me Analytics set out with a drive to build high precision machine intelligence that could sift through the historical blood work of not only individuals but populations and provide solid actions to improve outcomes and reduce risk.

Lab Me Analytics machine intelligence identifies micro anomalies faster than a blink of an eye, can determine an individual’s normal range, identify microscopic yet significant changes within their normal ranges and identify who is at risk for a series adverse clinical event. Used as a tool with doctor and patient it not only can improve treatment plans but reduce hospital workloads at the same time.

Dr. Salamon from Harvard Medical School states, “Even if you feel that you’re healthy, it’s still a good idea to have a continuous record of standard blood markers, so your doctor can look for trends.”

Each test has its own rules. Normal ranges today are based on mass population statistics which doesn’t leave much room for individuality.

Blood Testing From The Comfort Of Your Home.

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