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Want Quick Analysis of Complete Blood Test Reports- Try Lab Me For Free

Want Quick Analysis of Complete Blood Test Reports- Try Lab Me

Blood work can be used by doctors to check different things in your body. The lab technicians who perform the analysis in the basic metabolic panel, provide complete insight of different elements in hematology of the patient. It includes liver enzymes, electrolytes, hormones as well as levels of white and red blood cells. Full examinations are supposed to be costly as they need a complete blood test to be done on the blood sample.

Fig: Complete Blood Test Reports Analysis with Lab Me

The full panel usually comes with details regarding reference ranges of various substances in the blood. It can be collected against the blood work results of the patient and the technician offers additional comments regarding lab results.

Software Tool offering Lab Test Diagnosis

There is a tool for physicians to enter lab test results and shortlist the symptoms in the body to produce the diagnosis. Lab Me Analytics is an efficient tool which works on proven algorithms developed to obtain a differential medical diagnosis from blood test reports and potential symptoms. It is a revolutionary blood test analyzer which speeds up the medical treatment and saves several lives. This software tool can diagnose multiple blood tests at the same time and provides readings to identify diseases within seconds.

When people come across blood work results and try to interpret them. They often are afraid without proper medical training. Even high values and false negatives of the results can take place in many blood tests. The results are impacted by different reasons, such as medications, food, drinks, and even anxiety. So, it is better to consult your doctor first about your complete blood test results when you have a problem understanding blood work results yourself. For this same, Lab Me Analytics will help you remit lab test results. This tool is ideal with a lot of diagnosis facilities.

Why Lab Me Analytics?

Lab Me Analytics is a complete blood test analyzer for reliable, efficient and cutting-edge management of medical results history of the patient. Have you done your complete blood test? Lab Me Analytics is the first choice of many doctors as it is one of the most efficient diagnostic programs to identify if a patient is affected by any health condition. Physicians play a vital role in gaining a basic know-how of how to find out lab tests if you are about to play a vital role in healthcare.

You have just got CBC blood test results again but don’t know what those numbers mean? Don’t worry if you have Lab Me Analytics software. This tool provides short insight and some tips to interpret the results and what those numbers mean to you.

This tool is also handy when it comes to estimating the overall health condition of a patient. You should also keep in mind that lab results may often come outside of normal range for different reasons. The declination in numbers may relevant to the following things:

  • Age
  • Food choices
  • Race
  • Gender
  • Physical exercises
  • Menstrual cycle
  • Sample collection problems and handling the sample
  • Smoking
  • OTC drugs (aspirin, vitamins, cold drugs, painkillers, antibiotics etc.)
  • Prescribed medication
  • Consumption of alcohol

A lot of reasons that are not related to a disease. You should ask your doctor about any unusual and abnormal lab results.

Single blood count test is not enough to diagnose or cure any health condition or disorder. However, it can come handy when you have to get more insight into your health. You can also know the potential issues in the early stages when it comes to updating personal habits and treatment can work well.

Why Blood Tests?

There are different reasons why physicians order blood tests. Some of the most common blood examinations which are ordered include:

  • Blood Urea Nitrogen or BUN lab values
  • Complete Blood Count (Normal CBC values), which helps identify basic metabolic panel (BMP)
  • Kidney diseases
  • Mean platelet volume (MPV).

Though these are more general tests, there are different reasons why blood tests are ordered by the physicians.

For example– Hgb count or Hemoglobin test for anemia. Your health provider will explain your condition and the purpose of the test. If you want to know about the test results, ask your physician. Lab Me Analytics is the best tool to interpret lab test results.

Comprehending Reference Ranges

Reference ranges of full blood test results which help interpret the complete blood test results accurately which will help evaluate the results of the examination. Different tests are there for different purposes and review of each test should be done on the aspect of changes in varied test methods in the laboratories.

Differences in patients are other important consideration. The factors are including – Men, Women, Children, the age of individuals, ethnic group, racial factor, and population norms of the country.

  • In the test reports providing by laboratories, there is a print of reference range next to each test result.
  • It is helpful to figure out if blood work results interpret normal range when it comes to reading lab results.
  • When it comes to knowing how blood tests are interpreted, it is important to keep in mind that reference ranges vary from lab to lab.
  • As every lab applies a specific set of methods, there are chances that methods may affect the procedure of lab tests.
  • In case your test result is out of the reference range, it doesn’t mean there is something wrong in your health condition.

Example – when it comes to interpreting ANA test, increasing levels are the sign of autoimmune disorder while lower levels are normal. But in Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR) test, normal parameters differs on basis of gender, age and health status.

There is also a chance of false negative.

Example – In the case of Cancer Antigen tumor marker (CA125) blood test which is correct only in half of the cases of stage 1 of ovarian cancer. You need to understand the differences in tests before explaining the results. In case your doctor suspects health problem on the basis of elevated or reduced blood work results, your condition may subject to additional tests to figure out if those results are a matter of concern. Lab Me Analytics is efficient enough to interpret lab test results.

What about Low and High False Results?

As per earlier explanation, some people who belong to non-medical backgrounds may scare by seeing abnormal blood test results. However, values of false low and false high reports may fall with several blood tests as results can affect by several causes. Blood test results can be affected by food, drugs, beverages and even anxiety levels on a day. For instance, estrogen and various birth-control pills may modify the results of the thyroid test.

Sometimes, methods that lab assistants perform manipulate the sample and may lead to false low or high results.

Example – The red blood cells or erythrocytes contain calcium. If a lab assistant is too careless in handling your sample or even drops it, the erythrocytes may break which may show the high level of calcium on blood test report.

In case you get the false report, your doctor may suggest repeating the test. Ask about your lab results with the health provider if you have a problem interpreting results yourself. Or you may use Lab Me Analytics to understand your test results.

Translating Lab Test Results

Suppose you have got your lab test report back but you are wondering what they actually mean. Usually people are confused when it comes to interpreting lab results. It is often hard to comprehend with technical terms and words using by laboratories. There are certain tricks and solutions to translate the confusing numbers in lab test results.

When it comes to discussing complete blood test, it is actually a procedure in which blood specimen is drawn from your vein for lab testing. It is one of the most widely suggested and demanded medical test. Also, the key to producing blood work may vary from person to person.

For a healthy and physically disorder-free person, blood work can perform to figure out the followings:

  • Glucose level
  • Blood type, and other elements.
  • On the flip side, a person may need a blood test to determine cholesterol levels, hemoglobin levels, or pathogens (if any) in the blood.

If this is the case, your doctor may recommend fasting before blood test to get actual readings. There are different types of blood tests, depending on the procedure for which test is conducting.

For Example-

Testing of chemical elements of blood can be done to check the number of electrolytes:

  • Potassium
  • Calcium
  • Sodium
  • Magnesium
  • Chloride
  • Glucose
  • Creatine,
  • Urea normal range.

Then, the readings are collated with reference ranges for the actual functioning of the metabolism. Blood work is conducted to figure out the health condition of the person in this scenario.

It should consider that all lab blood tests don’t need fasting before the examination. Some of the blood tests which need fasting are glucose, lipid profile tests, and lactose tolerance test. After having the meal, the glucose level in the blood increases as glucose increases from the food which is consumed.

So, after having meals, the glucose level in the blood sample will be higher than any other time in a day. In addition, triglyceride and blood cholesterol levels tested before having food is lower than a test after having the meal. Simply speaking, having a meal before a blood test gives wrong results and it is affected by the amount and type of food.

Cholesterol is a type of lipid, just as fats are. However, unlike fat, cholesterol can’t be exercised off, sweated out or burned for energy. To move cholesterol through a liquid medium, the body needs to contain cholesterol in a protein shell ‘carrier’ known as a lipoprotein. You may have heard of terms like LDL, HDL or VLDL. All of these are lipoproteins. These terms usually mean the same as they are parts of cholesterol in various packs.

You should know how to track your numbers to control your healthcare and avoid dangerous and unnecessary drugs. Many abnormal blood tests may normalize by moving to a low carb diet and foods that are clean protein sources and high in natural fats.

Lab Me Analytics – An Innovative Lab Test Management System

Lab Me Analytics is, without a doubt, an innovative lab test management system to help healthcare professionals and physicians by diagnosis patient data.

It is evident that around 20% to 30% of diagnoses are inaccurate. Around 80000 to 100,000 deaths are occurring due to diagnostic errors. And there are different factors responsible for this inaccuracy, those are as follows:

  • Financial rush among physicians
  • The nature of medical training
  • Dispersed healthcare system
  • A large amount of confusing medical data.

It is really overwhelming to any primary healthcare physician to memorize health results of a patient. With that in mind, lab management systems are used. Rather than having all the exhortations to improve healthcare quality, this technology is being used by users frequently. Doctors prefer these lab management systems because of the following reasons:

  1. Increasing complexity
  2. Cost
  3. Workflow problems
  4. Huge distrust with manual interpretation.

Many healthcare professionals recommend using apps like Lab Me Analytics.  Using Lab Me can impact patient outcomes positively and significantly. It takes the interpretation of blood work report to a whole new level.

Lab Me is a scientific tool which can interpret lab test reports that are inserting with symptoms on the basis of health condition. The interface of the software can enable doctors to enter the lab results, symptoms, and other information to build a range of health conditions.

If you have gone through a lab test recently, you must have a copy of the flow-sheet report provided by your doctor or lab. Once you receive the report, it may not be that simple to understand or read, so you can have more doubts than the answer. This way, Lab Me Analytics comes handy to comprehend the test results in a better way.

It is really important to have the best possible tools before or when seeing the doctor. Also, the tools can help both patients and doctors to make an accurate diagnosis. Lab Me Analytics is a lab information system to help in treatment decisions, diagnostic accuracy, and to improve the safety of patients. This system can provide a significant resource to the attending physicians and residents. Similarly, it is helping users correctly and can diagnose unexpected health conditions.

Lab Me Analytics is helpful for the doctor to formulate a diagnosis for each patient and helpful in making the right decision quickly. This tool can be used by doctors on a regular basis for faster monitoring of their patients. This program is helpful in many aspects of health care. The best part of Lab Me Analytics is that you can have plenty of details at your fingertips whenever needed. You won’t need to read through several medical books and get the same information that you can get virtually instantly with Lab Me Analytics.

Lab Me Analysis – Analyze Medical Lab Tests

Lab Me Analytics is a user-friendly medical tool. It organizes, automates, and explains complex laboratory tests of the patients to keep track of vital information needed to make a prudent and quick analysis of lab tests. This lab test software helps to understand and interpret medical lab results. Hence, it is a complete solution for reliable, efficient, and modern management of lab results history.

After getting your blood test results, the main confusions that come in mind is that you don’t know what those numbers mean. Lab Me Analytics is the tool which provides quick insight and some tips on translating the numbers and their meanings.

It is often hard to know what those lab terms and words mean. With the help of Lab Me Analytics, you can find out what your physician is telling you regarding lab test results. Also, you can figure out what every test means with this lab test software.

This software is here to help you and determine the specific signs and indicators on the lab report that you need to ask about. However, this tool doesn’t mean or intends to give a medical recommendation. So, it is important to ask your physician for a medical advice.

Lab Me Analytics keeps a detailed log of lab results of the patients and to keep track of them over time. It is the best way to talk to your doctor in the healthcare setting. With this software, you can interpret these lab test results and what they mean for medical status and health. This is the reason why using Lab Me Analytics.

It is the medical software used to keep track of lab results of patients and lab test record. Physicians can insert the quick demographic information of the patient and update the same. The records of lab results are listed in the form of the grid under each patient’s name.

Apart from reference ranges, the measuring ranges used by labs can vary in laboratories. With this tool, you can easily adjust ranges of reference as well as measurement units and to store them. Also, you can review and general lab analysis report which will consist of interpretation of results which are out of reference range. It will display on the report which can indicate certain test results.

Making Lab Test Results

If you undergo lab tests, you will get a copy of the lab report by your doctor or lab. It is not easy to understand or read the confusing numbers on lab reports. This is why; you should use a lab test software program like Lab Me Analytics to get a better understanding of your test. Hence, it is one of the primary reasons for using this software.

You obviously have a hard time without this tool to decipher the lab test results. Usually, a blood work report is a document which should translate by a doctor or lab technician. But it doesn’t mean lab report has to be too confusing. With some design-specific thinking and efforts, tests can be informative for patients just like they are to the physicians. Also, with some color and context, numbers can make sense. Similarly, with simpler understanding, patients can better understand their own health.

The actual result of the test is shown in number in the next column. Each color has a specific meaning in the numbers of colors. The unit of measurement is for the lab test in the next column. Also, the normal ranges are there in another column for that test.

The graphics are colorful and easy to understand, alerting the user of abnormal or unusual test results. Hence, if there is abnormal value in a test result, you can get short context explaining the specific situation.

Benefits of Lab Me Analytics for physicians

Lab Me Analytics is the software for tracking blood work.  It is both user-friendly and intuitive. Stop guessing with your health, make better-informed decisions and start using Lab Me today for free.



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