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My family has a history of heart disease, high cholesterol, and diabetes.

When I started to look for at-home tests to monitor my health, Labme was the place I chose due to their excellent customer service, intuitive website design, and their comprehensive test offerings.

Someone was always available to return my emails promptly when I had questions. I wanted to monitor my health more closely without having to go to a doctor’s office every few months.

I began with the Executive Health check so I would have a baseline for how my body was doing. I hadn’t been exercising and I knew that some of my levels would be up.

The test results showed exactly that. My sedentary lifestyle was leading me down the path of prediabetes, high cholesterol, and heart disease if I didn’t change course.

Seeing these results on my dashboard gave me the motivation I needed. I formulated a diet and exercise plan to see what impact I could have on changing my results.

Tyler Farling Lab Me

Heart Disease Reduced

After six months of running and eating a healthier diet, I was ready to take my new test.

As usual, it arrived quickly and was received quickly by their lab. It didn’t take long for the results to come back.

I had been running three times a week on average during the six month period and doing a 5K each time.

My main diet consisted mainly of fish, rice, and greens (asparagus, brussels sprouts, kale).

Not only did I lose weight and start to feel better, my new test results showed major improvements to my health. 

Heart Disease

Seeing Is Believing.

Seeing the old results versus the new results on my dashboard gave me a major boost of self esteem to know I was actually improving my health.  I have all the data in front of me at my fingertips whenever I need to go back and reanalyze it.

No doctors visits, no doctors calls, and it’s all done from the convenience of my home. I highly recommend Labme to everyone I talk to when it comes to monitoring their health.

My main concerns were prediabetes and my cholesterol.

While my cholesterol remained at risk, I was able to lower some of the levels into a healthier range. I was happy to see those changes. While my Chol/HDL ratio increased, my total cholesterol levels dropped.

I have continued to work on this with diet and exercise and look forward to seeing those results in the next round of testing.

Heart Disease

A Motivating Factor.

Below, you will see the biggest change that shows the increase in physical activity tied to triglycerides.

My triglyceride count dropped significantly. Living a stagnant lifestyle was making those numbers sky rocket to levels I had never had in my life.

As you can see, the VLDL levels also dropped to normal range.

Family History

As you can see, it is very simple to look at the Lab Me Dashboard and visualize your results.

I look forward to continuing to use Lab Me in the future as I try and improve my health as I age and ward off diseases that can come about by leaving them unchecked and unmonitored.

Without Lab Me, I don’t know where my health would have gotten to over the last year.

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