Frequently Asked Questions

Your test kit will arrive in 2-5 days.  It takes 5-10 minutes to do the test.  Once you mail it back, it takes 2-5 days to reach the lab.  24-48 hours after it arrives in the lab, your results will be viewable.

After you order you will receive an invoice and emails including log in details, tracking numbers, when your results are ready.

If you are doing more complex testing such as our CBC test, then we use FedEx overnight to and from the lab

If you are still wondering where your results or test are at – let us know.  We are happy to help!

Take your test around 8am (especially if testing cortisol) before eating for quality results and consistent tracking.

If you are performing a CBC, you are not required to fast.

The faster the better. Samples degrade over time. We suggest mailing back the same day or the following.  

We recommend mailing out on Monday or Thursday.  The lab is closed over the weekend.

No, however though we start you off on a quarterly testing schedule that you can cancel it at anytime – even after your first order.

Test regularly, and you’ll get to know your body like never before. You’ll understand what it needs, and how to train and race sustainably while optimising your performance.

The more information you have, the faster you or your doctor can detect the direction your health is moving and at what velocity.  It also allows us to make better predictions to spot early onset disease.

If your test results come back out of range, it’s because they are significantly higher or lower than we are able to accurately measure. If this happens, we will notify you & give you recommendations on what to do.

In most cases, you didn’t collect enough or too much blood.  Please review our instructions here.

If you didn’t do the test properly or took too long to mail it back, you will not be billed for the failed test and we can ship out another kit for $19

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Only pay us for the test kit and shipping and handling.  Give us a try – if you don’t like us – you can cancel and we will never trouble you again.