No more waiting rooms, complicated reports or needing a doctors approval. Wellness tracking made simple.  

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A Simplified Way to Track What's Happening Inside Your Body

Blood tests help you spot predefined health problems

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Wellness & Lifestyle

Is your diet or nutritional plan really working?
Maybe there's more happening than you know.

Gym Training & Fitness

Is your training affecting your cholesterol or other areas for concern?

Treatments & Medication

Double-check if your medications or treatments are having intended effect.

We make it simple. 

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When your test kit arrives, perform the test and mail the kit back. 

48 hours after our lab receives the sample, the results will be viewable in your dashboard when you log in.

Working With Lab Me Is Simple

You don't need a medical degree to understand your results. Start tracking your progress today.

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"Just read about you in Tech In Asia.  I really like your vision and the impact of your solution.  I really think this could disrupt healthcare."

Arpan Desal

Mobile First HQ

"If you want to know how a disease or condition is progressing then serial lab values are essential. Trends are very important in making clinical decisions."

Danita Ewing

Clinical Coordinator, Home Health

"Its such an amazing thing you are doing.  So many people will benefit from what you are producing.  I believe that in the future it will stop people going through what people like me have."



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