Sample Collection

Often people are nervous when collecting their sample for the first time. However, as you will quickly see – there is no reason to feel anxious. 

It only takes 3-5 minutes on average, and it’s incredibly simple to do.

As long as you follow the instructions in your kit, your results will be accurate. If you have any concerns or doubts, our customer service team is happy to help.

Please see our FAQ for what happens if you perform the test incorrectly.

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How To Ensure A Perfect Collection

Getting enough blood is critical to the outcome of your results.

A few tips for ensuring adequate blood flow:

– Warm your hands under warm water for 1-2 minutes prior to the test.

– Let your hands hand by your side for a moment before lancing.

– Gently “milk” the blood from your finger.  Doing this too hard can damage blood cells.



At-Home Blood Testing

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Not Enough Collected

Squeezing Finger Too Hard

At-Home Blood Testing

If You Are Unsure Or Have Questions, Ask Us First!

We are quick to respond and waiting a moment to ask is always better.  

Instructions For Collecting Your Sample

At Home Blood Testing

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