Today I am on the phone with Kathryn.

Kathryn is an experienced college educator with a demonstrated history of working in the non-profit organization management industry.

She is skilled in Research, QuickBooks, Microsoft Office, teaching, and public speaking. Strong community and social services professional with a Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) focused in Educational Psychology from Regent University.

Today Katy is sharing her experiences so that we can learn more about how she has used Lab Me to her advantage in order to take better control of her health.

How are you today Katy?

Katy:  I am doing great.  Thanks for asking.

Lab Me: So Katy, tell us about the first test you had with Lab Me?

Katy: I took my first test in September 2019, and the results were poor. I used the Executive Test.  The test itself was easy to complete and understand, and the results were delivered to me within two weeks. I had both “borderline” and “risk” blood results with total cholesterol, VDL, and LDL, among others.

Cholesterol Results Lab Me

In the photo above, we have marked what the indicator mean so that you can understand the improvement.  The dark blue pointer is the result after Katies training.  The light blue pointer is pre-training (or previous test result).  This is the same for all the biomarkers in each photo.

Lab Me: Wow, so this was a surprise?

Katy: Yes, it was shocking to find out.  I don’t want to die from a heart attack, who does?!

Lab Me: What appealed to you about the Lab Me process?

Katy: How simple and quick it was. When you go to a lab to get blood drawn, you sit and you wait, and you sit and wait some more. This was in the comfort of my own home, and done within a couple minutes.

Lab Me: Agreed!  Waiting and driving adds up.  Also, being able to fast while you sleep, wake up and take the test in your own house is great right?

Katy: It is, because I can eat my breakfast and have coffee immediately after.  The test only took 3 minutes!

Lab Me: What else did you really like?

Katy:  The convenience.

I don’t like doctors telling me when I can/cannot take my own blood. And I don’t like them dictating to me what blood markers I should and should not be checking.

Taking ownership of my health includes being able to freely monitor my own blood (without a script/order) and check markers that I feel are most important to my overall health.

I want to ensure that my risk of heart attack is reduced.  It’s the top killer after all!

Lab Me: What would you like to change or do differently?

Katy: With the test itself, nothing.

With my results, I wanted to change the borderline and risk numbers to optimal through diet and exercise.

Lab Me:
 That empowering!  After your first test – what lifestyle changes did you make?  Did you achieve your goals?

Katy: I began doing Fartlek sprints and making sure that I was in the gym and being active AT LEAST 30 minutes per day.

I also began strength training regularly (3-5xweek) and eating a balanced diet.

Lab Me:  Fantastic.
How did that influence your next test?

Katy: All my results were optimal!

I had zero borderline or risk numbers.  Also, I can do push-ups on my toes now (laughing).

I do have a lot more energy, no fatigue like I used to have.

Lab Me:  
Great work!  Your hard work and dedication paid off.
How do you see yourself using Lab Me in the future?

Katy: I will continue to monitor my health through my blood.

I will know if my work in the gym and with my diet is working based upon what my blood is telling me. It’s an easy way to check that everything is working.

Lab Me:  I think this will be inspirational to many people reading this.

Thank you for sharing your experience and being kind enough to share real photos of your progress.  I know you are busy so we will keep it at that.

Please keep us up to date on your progress.

Katy:  No problem.  Looking forward to it!

Learn more about Kathryn here.

Download The Case Study Here!

Download the concise case study on Kathryn and how she used Lab Me to monitor her health and reduce her risk of heart attack by 67% in just three months.

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