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How To Cancel Or Change Your Lab Me Subscription

Dr. Anthony Close
August 25, 2021
Health Hub

Canceling Or Changing Frequency Of Subscription

This article will show you how to quickly change or cancel your Lab Me subscription.


  1. Log In To Your Dashboard Lab Me Dashboard
  2. Click Subscriptions In The Left Menu
  3. From There You Can Cancel Or Change The Frequency

Video Walk Through

How To Cancel Your LabMe Subscription - Warning Charges May Occur!

This video shows you how to change or cancel your subscription quickly.

Terms & Conditions Of Cancelling A Subscription

According to the terms of service that you agreed upon when purchasing a subscription you may or may not be eligible for cancellation.
The terms of service agreed to upon purchase state the following about subscriptions:

8.1 If you have ordered a test kit of any type and it has been shipped there are no refunds.  It typically takes our warehouse 2 days to ship out a test kit.  So you must inform us in writing prior to the creation of your tracking number via our warehouse.

8.2 If you have subscribed to any test kit you are required to keep the subscription for one year and Lab Me retains the right to bill you for that year according to your billing frequency upon early termination.  (e.g. bi-annually = 2 test kits, quarterly = 4 test kits).

The reason for this model is to allow fair trade between customers. For example, ordering a subscription at a discount and only using it for one test is an unfair and unethical customer practice to those paying full price for a single test. If you simply would like to try it out before committing to a subscription, we highly recommend using a one-off purchase to do so.

In this manner, you avoid unnecessary complications regarding your billing.

⚠️ Please read the terms and conditions carefully! You may be billed for the remainder of the year.

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