This article is to show you the key steps in taking your Lab Me at-home test. This is NOT for CBC or CHEM14 tests. You can read about those here.

Often people are nervous when collecting their sample for the first time. However, as you will quickly see – there is no reason to feel anxious. 

It only takes 3-5 minutes on average, and it’s incredibly simple to do.

As long as you follow the instructions in your kit, your results will be accurate. If you have any concerns or doubts, our customer service team is happy to help.

Please see our FAQ for what happens if you perform the test incorrectly.


  1. Warm-up hands under warm water for a minute. Dry hands completely.
  2. Sterilize with an alcohol pad & lance the side of your right finger on your non-dominant hand.
  3. Collect 4-5 solid drops of blood in the center of the disk.
  4. Let sit for 3 minutes.
  5. Close, attach UPCs (as per instruction manual), mail back.

Download the complete instructions here.

At Home Blood Testing

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