Auto-immune diseases are not only scary but in a sense a prison. Those reading this are nodding right now. It’s like a victim of your exact essence.

Every day is a challenge. What’s next? Can I make it work? What about my medications? Is my Doctor even right? I could go on and on. Listening to your voice is one of the many reasons we started this company.

And even though the business model pivoted, we stuck with the same idea – graph and benchmark personal blood data.  

Think Mint, Baremetrics, Xero For Blood Work

Love started pouring in. One man in the Philipines who happened to be an expat contacted us through our website, telling us his story.

He had been diagnosed with an auto-immune disease and wasn’t sure how to combat it. However, this guy was pro-active and forward-thinking. He started an excel spreadsheet (yes, our biggest competitor), and started tracking his basic biomarkers monthly.

When & how the magic started

Let me explain. he started adjusting things like high protein vs high fat, sleep cycles, sprint vs walking, strength vs high intensity, and the list goes on.

The result? He started to figure out, using data, what was shifting the curve toward the positive. Off normal biomarkers? You bet. 

Remember that blood is our front line diagnostics and just like most things in life – the more complicated we make things the more we are hiding from the truth; the basics. The basics tell us what we need to know.  

But when the doctor is taking a snapshot of your bloodwork, telling you what’s up from that snapshot, would you bet the farm? Imagine for two seconds, you are an investor and I say the DJI is down -%200 points. What’s your first decision? Sell.

Yet, if you have a graph showing that it’s up +5000% and this is just a dip due to some negative news from Trump being Trump – well then – we have a different story right?

So what’s the point?

 Over time, he managed to dial in his diet, training, and lifestyle and started winning the battle. His kids, wife and family benefit. He kept his job he went on to be quite successful. From dirt to dollars, using excel and regular blood testing.

Lab Me lets you do that minus all the extra work and without the waiting room. Imagine everything you hate about the lab, reverse it and start with Lab Me today.

Heck, write me back and tell me your own kick-ass story like this and I’ll make sure you are taken care of.

Oh, and PS, don’t believe me – contact him yourself by commenting – #labme

Wellness is great if you have a plan.

Track It, It’s Your Life.

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