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The highest standards in laboratory excellence in the USA. We’re highly selective about who we work with, and that means only working with laboratories we know will process your results accurately, quickly and securely.



Each of the laboratories have achieved CLIA and CAP accreditation, which means they reach the very highest standards with each biomarker validated for accuracy and repeatability; the same standard as laboratories used by the US hospital system. It’s a quality assurance mark which means the results you receive are as accurate as those you would expect from your regular MD

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We use a tracking system that ensures your individual samples, results and information are monitored and kept secure so that only you and our team of doctors and scientists have access.

Our labs follow guidelines set out by the CLIA using international standards for the transfer of clinical data. When your data reaches Lab Me, it’s encrypted and stored on ISO accredited servers based in the USA.


Accurate, reliable data is the bedrock upon which you can grow to be the best version of yourself, and we’re dedicated to ensuring you get everything you need to achieve this.

We’ve conducted independent research to ensure our capillary collection and testing processes are an accurate blood collection method. Our labs conduct statistical analysis to compare the results of laboratory tests on capillary blood samples, collected via finger prick as used in Lab Me tests, versus venous blood samples collected from a vein as you’d experience in hospital or at your MD. The research indicated a strong correlation between the two blood types.*

*When tracking results over time we always recommend the same methodology is used to establish a trend and reduce variabilities.

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To ensure your samples are not compromised during transportation, we use either Fedex 2 day tracked for CBC and CHEM14 panels and USPS 3-5 day for others, and if your sample has been compromised due to delay we will send you a new kit free of charge.

Most samples excluding CBC and CHEM14 are able to maintain stability for up to 2 weeks.

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