Ordering Custom Test Kits

Some of the one-off test kits we have available are below.  These prices are introductory offers and will be ending soon.

Gamma-GT                   Limited Time Sale For – $17 .  (Normally $23)
Ferritin                           Limited Time Sale For – $33   (Normally $43)
Cortisol                          Limited Time Sale For – $32    (Normally $42)
Blood Creatinine          Limited Time Sale For – $17    (Normally $23)
Blood Glucose              Limited Time Sale For –  $17   (Normally $23)
Hemoglobin A1C           Limited Time Sale For –  $18   (Normally $24)
hs-CRP                            Limited Time Sale For – $26  (Normally $35)
Total PSA                        Limited Time Sale For –$48  (Normally  $64)
Total Testosterone         Limited Time Sale For – $39   (Normally $52)
TSH                                 Limited Time Sale For – $31  (Normally $41)
Vitamin D                       Limited Time Sale For – $54  (Normally $72)
Lipids inc LDL, HbA1C & hs-CRP   Limited Time Sale For – $70  (Normally $94)

If you are adding to an existing kit or creating a custom kit of more than 2 tests, we will offer you a discount based on the tests you order.

Let us know which custom test you are interested just drop us a line using the contact form below.

About Anthony Close

A relentless visionary, Anthony has led Lab Me from garage-mode to a fine-tuned operation. He studied under Clayton Christenson from Harvard Business School. At MIT Anthony studied “AI & Implications in Business”. At Johns Hopkins, he completed a course in biostatistics. In addition, he learned the basics of coding in Python through Michigan University. Anthony studied Biology, Chemistry and Molecular Genetics at Purdue University as well as obtained Doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine from Palmer, followed by advanced studies in Physical Therapy and extensive post-grade studies in chronic pain management. He has over 12 years of clinical experience and has started and grown multiple businesses both bricks and mortar and tech.