Dr. Anthony Close


Anthony Close is a relentless visionary and has led Lab Me from garage-mode to full-fledged operation with partnerships and employees in over three countries.After completing studies at Purdue University in biology, chemistry, and molecular genetics, Anthony went on to become a Doctor of Chiropractic focusing on modern concepts in pain science. After studying the likes of Lorimer Moseley and David Butler, he began working with professional sports players and political figures.In 2007, Anthony turned a 50K USD investment in spine technology into 7M USD in five years. Moreover, he did this within an emerging market. Anthony built medical clinics within the demands of Indonesia since 2007 and has over 10,000 clinical hours, 12 years, and thousands of patient interactions.In 2014, Anthony created the market for MCT oil in Indonesia by partnering with an existing coconut oil factory in Jakarta. The brand name is Bonfire MCT and it sells over 1000 bottles a month. It is valued at $10M USD.In 2013, Anthony started Ekast, an online outsourcing site that focused on using ISO-certified development agencies rather than freelancers. Within the first year, the company had grossed over 100K USD. However, in 2014, Anthony broke his neck in a motorcycle accident. Fracturing C1 in two places and C7 in one. He rehabilitated himself and during his recovery, started another medical clinic that broke even in 2 weeks and was netting six figures within four months.Unfortunately, government turmoil caused Anthony to close down the clinics he was operating in Indonesia in 2015. He returned to academic study, but this time in a long-time passion, technology. He started an internship that led to him becoming head of partnerships and strategic acquisitions for Ygroup in Indonesia.Later, he completed Harvard Business School’s course on disruptive innovation under Clayton Christensen in 2017. In 2018 he finished a course at MIT Sloan in Artificial Intelligence: Business Usage & Implications. In 2019, Anthony started courses in biostatistics through Johns Hopkins and Machine Learning Applications again at MIT.He enjoys skydiving, music production, technology, and nature.
Anthony Close