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The Perfect At-Home Blood Sample

Dr. Anthony Close
May 28, 2021
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We takes pride in having incredible accuracy of at-home blood sample.

But even the best technology in the world still needs the right input to make a significant output.

The number one reason for customers getting the dreaded "TNP" or test-not-performed is due to inadequate sample size.  If we could analyze all your blood biomarkers with a pin-head size of blood...

Well then, we would be Theranos.

Since we aren't, here is a photo of what a perfect collection looks like and how much blood is required for Lab Me tests.

At-Home Blood Sample

How much blood is required?

The volume of blood required also depends on the test you ordered.  The next photo gives an example:

At Home Blood Testing

The blooper reel.

We have a nifty system that takes a photo of every sample prior to processing.  It serves as a nice teaching tool and once in a while a little chuckle.

Here are a few notables.

Avoiding the Lab Me blooper reel

Avoiding the Lab Me blooper reel is easy to do!  Simply watch the video, read the instructions & then read the instructions one more time.  It's easy to miss something.

Oh and...

If you have any questions please send us a message here BEFORE doing your test! ????

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