Urine Collection Method

How To Collect Your Urine for Your Test

Please follow the instructions.  Make sure you collect enough of your sample to ensure accurate results.



  1. At each collection time: Remove a collection card from the pink bag.
  2. Save this bag with the absorvent puch. Write your name, the date and time of collection on the card prior to collecting the sample.



  1. Open the cover on the collection card. Fold it back and away from the filter paper. Avoid touching the filter paper
  2. Saturate the filter paper by directly urinating onto it, or by collecting your urine in a clean cup and dipping the filter paper up to the top black dash line


To Collect

  1. Hang or tape the collection card in a secure place to dry – like over a towel rack. 
  2. Make sure that the urine-saturated filter paper does not touch anything.


After Collection

  1. Allow to dry completely for at least 6 hours*. 
  2. Once dry, refold the collection card and place the sample back into the baggie and seal. 
  3. Make sure absorvent puch is still inside. 
  4. Follow the same process for the remaining three samples. 



  1. Complete all paperwork. Make sure all sections are filled in and your form is signed
  2. Place the sample(s), the Test Requisition form and any additional paperwork back into the plastic test kit box
  3. Make sure to include payment (if applicable)
  4. Snap test kit lid shut
  5. Place the entire test kit box inside the return packaging
  6. Affix the prepaid label or postage if applicable
  7. Return using the appropriate carrier
  8. Samples will remain stable under average shipping conditions, including over weekends and holidays

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