Eat, Recover, Train, & Live Better.

Medical grade blood testing, from the comfort of your home.  Biomarker profiling to give you unparalleled insight into how your body works and responds to training, diets, supplements, medicines and lifestyle changes.  Improve faster, not harder.

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Accurate Blood Testing

Accurate results using a patented sample collection device and extraction process. CLIA & CAP accredited.

Saves Time

You don't need to schedule appointments, get prescriptions, drive, or wait in a waiting room. Do it from home.

Powerful Tracking

Test regularly, and you’ll get to know your body like never before. You’ll understand what it needs, and change lifestyle habits sustainably while optimizing your health.


Routine blood work can cost upwards of $600 on average. Lab Me starts at $49.

Easy to understand results, powered by expertise you can trust

This is why people are moving to Lab Me.

Besides having your outcome as number one priority – here are a few more reasons

Predictive Analytics

With our executive test your risk for heart attack, heart disease, stroke and kidney failure are predicted automatically.

Medication Tracking

Receive reminders to take specific medication at your doctor’s recommended times and track your medication history.

Biodata Tracking

Track at home blood pressure and glucose readings, & weight. Use this data for deeper insight by seeing how they correspond to your blood work.

Share With Doctor

Securely share your results with loved ones or healthcare professionals. Your results help them make faster, data-driven decisions regarding your treatment.

Regular Testing Gives You Insight Into Your Body Like Never Before Possible.

We recommend testing every three months to build up the most accurate picture of your own biomarker profile. 

By testing regularly you can see how your profile changes throughout the season and the impact of differing lifestyle habits, medications, supplements, as well as changes you may make to your diet.

Our experts can monitor your progress and suggest when to change the timing of your tracking or you can do it on your own at anytime.

We also offer one-off test packages for women’s health, men’s health, and athletic performance & blood concerns such as anemia.

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Common Questions

How long does it take?

Your test kit will arrive in 2-5 days.  It takes 5-10 minutes to do the test.  Once you mail it back, it takes 2-5 days to reach the lab.  24-48 hours after it arrives in the lab, your results will be viewable.  

If you are doing more complex testing such as our CBC test, then we use FedEx overnight to and from the lab.

Do I need to fast?

Take your test around 8am (especially if testing cortisol) before eating for quality results and consistent tracking.

If you are performing a CBC, you are not required to fast.

Do I need to return the test right away?

The faster the better.  Samples degrade over time.  We suggest mailing back the same day or the following.

Worst case scenario, if it will be more than 2-3 days – we suggest you put the closed & sealed test kit in a refrigerated area.  Which may help preserve the sample quality.

Why didn't I get all my results?

If your test results come back out of range, it’s because they are significantly higher or lower than we are able to accurately measure.  If this happens, we will notify you & give you recommendations on what to do.

In some cases you may not have done the test correctly and no results are returned.  If this is the case you will not be billed for the test and we can ship out another kit for $19.

Do I have to do a subscription?

No.  We provide one-off tests.  You can compare plans here.

However, our core tests (crucial, baseline & executive) are designed to track your health dynamically. 

The more information you have, the faster you or your doctor can detect the direction your health is moving and at what velocity.  It also allows us to make better predictions to spot early onset disease.

Am I able to cancel my subscription right away?

Absolutely.  We don’t lock you in.  They are designed to be flexible.  You can change the frequency (monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, or yearly) or you can cancel at anytime.


Visualize Your Health

By tracking over time, we allow you and your health care professional better insight into what’s happening with your health in close to real time. 

Stop comparing yourself to outdated population averages because there is overwhelming evidence that you are your own best reference

Tracking Your Bloodwork

What customers say about Lab Me

I look forward to receiving my Tests every three months. It helps you keep on top of the health markers you’re monitoring and clearly see where the things you’re implementing ( diet , supplements..) are making a difference.
Lab Me Reviews
Mary Close
At Home Mother Of Three
My LabMe experience has been great! Easy, convenient, affordable. Love that it cuts out the middle man and puts me in charge of my own health.
Katy Rai
Doctor Of Education
Such a wonderful, easy test to administer! Clear results, and the by far best way to be proactive about ones health!!! Thank you lab me, for making a difference!!
Lab Me Reviews
Cara Young
Full Time Mom
Lab Me is so easy to use and I really like that I don’t have to make an appointment with a Dr to get labs done anymore, has helped me monitor my health to get back to healthy levels and a strong immune system. So worth the cost! Great company and Product👍🏼
Shanna Dove
Executive Manager