Developed by Doctors, Biostatisticians & Experts In Health, Aging & Mortality. Hailing From Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Duke University, Johns Hopkins, Johnson & Johnson, & Intermountain Partners.

The Journey Of Lab Me

Personal Pain Points Lead To An Idea

Dr. Anthony was in private practice for 12 years, working with patients suffering from chronic pain.  With over 10,000 patient encounters across 5 countries, he noticed that everyone was confused by their lab results and often sent him emails or messages asking what they meant.

After developing the first biofeedback app for chronic pain management on iPhone 1 – Anthony decided to start tracking patients blood work.  What he discovered was the motivating factor behind the inception of Lab Me.

Meet The Minds Behind Lab Me

Inception 2017
Early Validation Studies & Business Modeling

Pre-Product Pre-Revenue Funded

After early validation and approaching a few angel investors Lab Me’s original concept using OCR to interpreted blood reports was funded $250K USD in February 2018.

[A Note: Pre-product, pre-revenue funding is very rare these days.  Develop a network of angel investors early in your career, even before your even dreaming of a start-up, nurture those relationships.  It’s the only way it will ever happen.]

March 2018

May 2018 Development Begins

Team Growth

Lab Me added Gartner Technologies ex-head of sales along with a few others hailing coming from Uber, VP-Engineering BTPN bank, & DBS Bank technology executive.

Hindsight Tip: Fancier isn’t better, look for those that believe in the vision and are willing to work for little immediate monetary gain.  Don’t hire a large staff or offering generous compensation before stable revenues are established.  Don’t hire those that haven’t worked in or owned an early-stage startup. Don’t hire “specialists” or managers too early

April - June 2018


Our machine learning team was unable to get beyond 68% accuracy. Not good for a public health app. We were stunned. Some of the corporate hires started demanding larger salaries. The focus was lost, value proposition started to waiver, and pre-sales people were pitching the wrong product. Cash was 75% gone.  It was terrifying.

Hindsight Pro-Tip: Hire those willing to work for the vision not the cash.  Set strong performance metrics over probationary periods.  Don’t believe the hype.

December 2018

2019 - The Pivot

Pain Point Review

During the previous year, we interviewed over 500 people and found they also hated waiting rooms, needles, raising costs of healthcare, and even nurse conversations! We started studying the direct to the consumer market and decided to validate further.

Reduce Burn Rate, Get Partners!

With cash running out, significant changes were made in order to extend runway.

From there, it was constant calls and emails for days to come searching for the right partner.  Within a month, we had our partner ecosystem.

February 2019

Your company probably won't be successful unless it has experienced a significant pivot. -Steve Blanks

Development Accelerates

The beta release was July.  We were ready to roll out the platform to 10 individuals initially to test the mechanics.  All went great with minor hiccups.


July 2019


Our First Dollar!

After a year and a half we realize our first sale.  Keep in mind we went through a complete pivot.

MVP Pre-Launch

We Release To Our Old Validation List

At this point, our validation list for the pivot is nearly 8 months old.  We fire it out and get 10 subscribers in 3 days.  We naively thought the hockey stick of inflection was upon us!

August 2019

Grass Root Reachouts & Cash Low

We’re running low on capital.  About every investor has “we love it, you just need more traction”.  We’ve been rejected more times than our team collectively, when in high school.

September 2019

Slow Growth, More Trials

We’re growing and have sold in over 10 states.  Interest is starting to peak but there is a long ways to go.

Wisdom Trumps Cash

Wisdom Is King

Sitting at home one night, wondering how we were going to survive the next 3-4 months of the runway (knowing VC rounds take 3 months or longer) – Anthony reaches out, seeking advice.  Emailing, LinkedIn, Phone Calls – asking for help or advice on what to do.

Out of 30 plus outreaches, Anthony finds Aleksey.  From there, the relationship grows and Aleksey brings in Andre.  They begin to give Anthony long-needed advice & mentorship.  Their wisdom via experience propels the company further.

October 2019

Face To Face Selling

Dr. Garrett Soladano, introduced to us by Wes Hunter, tried our product and spotted concerning issues in his blood.  He was the epitome of a well-balanced life, so for him, it was a shock.  He immediately took the company under his wing and began to make videos and promote.

November 2019

Full Public Release - Bye Bye Beta

December 2019

We are growing, improving and optimizing every day. We have a long ways to go. In 4 months post-launch, we average over 1500 page views a week, have a growth rate of 30%, and have terms sheets for investment. The growth is slow and steady but that’s an advantage.

We have a challenging but exciting year ahead!

December 2019