Get Your Blood Results Explained & Personalized Planning With Practical Strategies To Discover The Strongest Most Optimal You.

Holistic Health And Functional Nutrition Practitioner


Teddy will analyze your blood work and give you tailored recommendations as to what needs to be improved and how.

One-on-One Video Calls

Once a month, spend 30 minutes talking to Teddy about what's going on in your life and what's happening in your body. She takes the time to listen and understand so that you are fully comfortable and understood.


Includes a step-by-step guide on how to precisely improve your blood work over a 3-month period including supplementation, dietary advice, and routine planning, which includes suggestions on supplements, nutrition, and exercise.


You are able to email Teddy at anytime asking questions you may have regarding your progress or any other question you may have.


You can choose either quarterly planning or saving using an annual plan.

Lab Me focuses on functional, non-medical approaches to improving life spans.  Rather than just prescribing medications, functional healthcare practitioners look at your full history to identify the root causes of an illness and plan accordingly to your individual results.








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Frequently asked questions

After you complete a blood test with Lab Me you have the opportunity to have your blood work reviewed with Functional Health Practitioner – Teddy Noel.  She will let you know what is of concern and what is healthy and how to improve. 

Lab Me focuses on functional, non-medical approaches to improving life spans.  Rather than just prescribing medications, functional healthcare practitioners look at your full history to identify the root causes of an illness and plan accordingly to your individual results.

Initial reports are free of charge.  With your permission you are able to share your dashboard with Teddy in a fully HIPAA compliant and secure way.

From there you have the opportunity to work directly with Teddy over the course of 3 months to improve your health.

Your quarterly playbook will contain detailed , practical advice on nutrition, supplements and lifestyle modifications.  They are tailored specifically to you and are powerful yet easy to follow. 

After three months you are able to optionally retest your blood work via Lab Me to see the improvements while Teddy guides you during the process.

You get to work with Teddy one on one with unlimited email messaging and 1x per month 30 minute video calls ensuring all your questions or concerns are answered.

You get personalized advice and strategies on nutrition, supplements, and lifestyle modifications that are powerful and proven to work.

She achieves this by allowing you to meet with her once a month for 30 minutes via a video or phone call,  unlimited email messaging and a true empathetic approach to listening to you, your health history and goals. 

Teddy Noel is a lifelong health enthusiast who has spent the last decade of her life committed to her education to become a Functional And Holistic Health Practitioner. She works with clients from all over the world to help them reach their ultimate goal of optimal wellness. She has a high success rate and is a sought after practitioner both by patients and referring physicians. Real change happens with real foundational care and a unique to you approach.

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No.  Although we encourage it for ongoing tracking and the ability to continously improve.

If you have any questions about working with Teddy. Contact Us

What her clients have to say

Teddy is very professional, friendly and easy to talk with.She listens to your concerns and advises you accordingly.

She knows and shares information that will get you on track. I would highly recommend Teddy as a holistic/nutritional healthcare professional. See more here.
I am fortunate enough to receive information about a highly-skilled functional nutritionist - Teddy Noel. I am so please to have had the opportunity to work with Teddy. Everyone's story is different and I feel she took my personal issues to heart and worked diligently to figure out what would work and benefit me and my unique needs.
“I've been working with Teddy in Nutritional Services for the past month. My goal was to find more natural ways to get my BP, cholesterol and weight under control. I have had the most absolutely fantastic experience!

Teddy is attentive and knowledgeable, incorporating my likes and dislikes with foods as well as staying within my stated budget for supplements. I've started to feel better and see progress in my energy levels, fatigue and ability to focus. After I finish my concentrated time, I'm planning on doing at least once a month check ins to keep my progress on track!
Bethany Write
I adore Teddy she’s been helping me on my journey and has forever touched and changed my life. She genuinely cares in our wonderful nurtures. I haven’t felt this great, healthy, clean, accepted, supported and loved by a healthcare professional ever! She is both accessible and communicates greatly with you. I will keep her close to my heart forever

The VitalOne Health Test

The VitalOne at-home comprehensive test helps monitor for cardiovascular disease, ferritin levels, cortisol, stress, unhealthy inflammation, & vitamin D.  Track your health from the inside out with VitalOne’s exclusive at-home blood test.

This test was designed specifically by renowned holistic integrative nutritionist – Teddy Noel.   It is best used in conjunction with her online health and wellness consulting.

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