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Biomarker testing can give your company a major edge.  Whether you are a health coach, personal trainer, health practitioner, nutritionist or business owner – partnering with Lab Me can help your clients, patients or customers reach their personal best. 

Personal Trainers

As a personal trainer your number one priority is your clients progress. Using Lab Me allows you to monitor, adapt and pivot your clients training - so they can reach their best.


As a nutritionist you want to ensure that the supplements, dietary changes and exercise schedules you are creating for them are making an internal impact.

Allied Health

Lab Me works with holistic health professionals, independent pharmacies and remote areas lacking advanced labs, By adding value to your client - you are always a step ahead of the competition.

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Designed for coaches, personal trainers, nutritionists and other allied health professionals, the Lab Me affiliate program gives you direct access to our specialist testing so you can tailor your advice based on your client’s biometric data. Together we can help your clients & athletes achieve their absolute best.


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