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Lifestyle specific, biomarker profiling to give you unparalleled insight into how your body works, races and recovers, with advice tailored to you.

Monitor Your medicine

Make sure treatments and medicines are doing what they should be doing. Easily share your data with your doctor or pharmacist.

Fine Tune Your Performance

Lab Me lets you know your body, how it behaves, how it recovers and what it needs to perform at its best while staying healthy.

Relax & Stay At Home

We automate the MD prescription for you meaning that you never need to leave home, drive to appointments or sit in waiting rooms.

Choose the perfect, Flexible plan for you

We recommend testing every three months to build up the most accurate picture of your own biomarker profile. By testing regularly you can see how your profile changes throughout the season and the impact of differing training load and recovery times, as well as changes you may make to your diet.

Lab Me Premium Tests

Lab Me premium tests come with the ability to ask our medical team any question about your results, as many times as you want.   

PDF results (not on the dashboard) using encrypted, HIPAA & SOK2 compliant email transfer.  Includes recommendations on improvement from US licensed physicians.


Advanced Neurotransmitters


Insufficient levels of neurotransmitters can lead to symptoms such as: feelings of sadness, helplessness, worthlessness, or emptiness. overeating or a loss of appetite. insomnia or sleeping too much

Test 18 neurotransmitters including dopamine, serotonin, GABA, histamine & more from home.


Heavy Metals & Essential Elements


The heavy metals most commonly associated with poisoning of humans are lead, mercury, arsenic and cadmium. Heavy metal poisoning may occur as a result of industrial exposure, air or water pollution, foods, medicines, improperly coated food containers, or the ingestion of lead-based paints.

These toxic elements can significantly increase our risk of developing conditions like dementia, infertility, diabetes and cancer. 




60 million suffer symptoms of insomnia. Find out whether hormones contribute to your sleep loss with this exclusive at home sleep test from Lab Me.



Comprehensive Thyroid


More than 12 percent of the U.S. population will develop a thyroid condition during their lifetime. An estimated 20 million Americans have some form of thyroid disease. Up to 60 percent of those with thyroid disease are unaware of their condition.


Most Popular At Home Blood Test Products From Lab Me




Our at-home cholesterol & lipids test helps monitor your cardiovascular & liver health, with online results.


Baseline Health


Check for signs of heart disease, liver disease and diabetes. Plus a look at four key nutrients required for optimal health.



Executive Health


Check for signs of heart disease, liver disease and diabetes. Plus a look at four key nutrients required for optimal health.

*Executive is also tailored for Men or Women as well.


Female Executive


Our at-home Female Executive Wellness test is our most comprehensive test for women.  It helps monitor multiple systems such as metabolism, heart, kidneys, liver, and more.



Our at-home Mens Executive Wellness test is our most comprehensive test for men.  It helps monitor multiple systems such as testosterone, prostate,  heart, kidneys, liver, and more. 


Complete Blood Count


Our at-home cholesterol & lipids test helps monitor your cardiovascular & liver health.


VitalOne Health Check


Developed by holistic health & functional nutrition practitioner Teddy Noel.

This test is most powerfully combined with Teddy’s integrative wellness and nutritional consulting that is powerfully changing the health and wellness of her patients. 


Male Wellness Test


Our at home, male wellness test is perfect for men wanting to know more about their health.  

Includes the basics.  Testosterone (free), PSA and 


Female Wellness Test​


Our at-home comprehensive test helps women monitor for cardiovascular disease, liver performance, cortisol, stress, unhealthy inflammation, vitamin D and manage both diabetes or pre-diabetes.


Overload Health Test


Our at-home overload test is great for athletes or for identifying iron deficiencies in your body.  Online results 2-3 days after our lab receives your test.




Sensitive to cold, or maybe heat?  Maybe your skin and hair seem brittle or unusually dry.  A TSH test is done to find out if your thyroid gland is working the way it should.




Meet the hormone that responds to physical and mental stress, is highest in the morning and typically decreases throughout the day, and increases during times of starvation: Cortisol.

Improper levels of it can lead to a number of unhealthy issues.




Our at-home testosterone test measures the amount of free testosterone present in your blood for men & women.  Online results show in 2-3 days after arriving at the lab.




This Lab Me test measures the amount of ferritin in your blood. This blood test indirectly provides information about whether there is too much or too little iron available in your body.

Excellent for tracking or monitoring athletes, anemic, or those with hemochromatosis.


Vitamin D


42% of Americans Are Vitamin D deficient. Are you among them?

The latest research links vitamin D deficiency to mood swings, depression, lack of energy, chronic skin conditions, and other chronic diseases.  Find out now from home.

Don't See What You're After?

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Frequently asked questions

No!  If you would like to test one off you may do so.  However, tracking over a consistent period may give you much better insight into your health.

Your biological profile is unique and tracking gives you a complete picture to unlock your best potential.

Tracking biomarkers over time to builds a personalized picture of how your body is responding to training, habits, supplements, medicines and recovery.

Read more here on the benefits of regular tracking >

We recommend starting testing every three months to build up the most accurate picture of your own biomarker profile.

By testing regularly you can see how your profile changes throughout the season and the impact of differing training styles, medicines, supplements, lifestyle habits and recovery times, as well as changes you may make to your diet.

With our Lab Me subscription packages, you’ll be sent a test kit automatically at the intervals, you control, throughout the year.

All you need to do is complete the sampling, send it back and check your app for your updated biomarker results.

Your biomarker levels are often different according to ethnicity, age, and can also vary between individuals.  We tailor to all of the above.

A variation outside of the ‘average’ biomarker reading may be insignificant for one person, or greatly significant for another.

By collecting multiple data-points you can scientifically identify your own personal biomarker profile.

It’s only by determining the Critical Difference Threshold, or CDT, for an individual, can our experts decide whether a significant physiological change has happened.

When you’re talking about lifestyle diseases where marginal changes can mean the difference between simple treatment now vs. threatening trip to the ER later, this type of detail is important.

The more regularly you test, the more accurate the picture of your performance and health, and the greater the ability to identify issues before they become problems.

Lab Me has the highest standards in laboratory excellence.

Lab Me only works with accredited laboratories (CAP & CLIA) and technicians to ensure your samples are processed securely, quickly and accurately.

We use a patented system unlike our competitors that ensures highly accurate and standardized results.

Read more here.

Once you place the order, our lab will mail out your test kit within a couple days depending on when the order is placed – often it leaves same day.

Your tracking information will automatically be sent to you as soon as the test leaves our lab and will take 3-5 days to arrive.  The test itself can be done in 10 minutes or less.

After you mail the back, your results will be ready within 48 hours of the lab receiving the test kit.  The lab is closed Saturday & Sunday so if it arrives then please be patient for Monday processing.

Excellent.  We work with allopathic & holistic practitioners in order for them to expand their value offering to clients or employees.  You can learn more here.

If you have any questions before buying. Contact Us

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I look forward to receiving my Tests every three months. It helps you keep on top of the health markers you’re monitoring and clearly see where the things you’re implementing ( diet , supplements..) are making a difference
Womens Health Lab Me
Mary Close
My LabMe experience has been great! Easy, convenient, affordable. Love that it cuts out the middle man and puts me in charge of my own health.
Katy Rai
Doctor Of Education
Such a wonderful, easy test to administer! Clear results, and the by far best way to be proactive about ones health!!! Thank you lab me, for making a difference!!
Women Health Lab Me
Cara Young
Personal Trainer
Lab Me is so easy to use and I really like that I don’t have to make an appointment with a Dr to get labs done anymore, has helped me monitor my health to get back to healthy levels and a strong immune system. So worth the cost! Great company and Product👍🏼
Shanna Dove